Jonas Klemming and Christoffer Klemming, Co-Founders of Waitwhile
Jonas Klemming and Christoffer Klemming, Co-Founders of Waitwhile

Delight your customers by letting them wait from anywhere then telling them it’s their turn with an SMS.



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"Every interaction with Kristin and the whole CRV team has been positive. They bring not only resources, but also deep operational expertise in every facet of company building. And they do this with a strong conviction about what the future should look like - and amazing personalities to enjoy the journey together with. We're so grateful that we found Kristin and feel more prepared than ever for the next stage in Waitwhile's adventure to eliminate lines everywhere." - Chris Klemming, Waitwhile Co-Founder and CEO

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Term sheet signing during the pandemic. CRV general partner Kristin Baker Spohn with Waitwhile CEO and co-founder Christoffer Klemming.

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