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Power to the Community

I’m never satisfied with small talk. There is magic in the shared understanding of what makes each of us tick.

I’m originally from the East Coast and lived in many different places growing up. Moving so often taught me the importance of nurturing close relationships and building strong communities. The places may change, but the people are what you take with you. I love that my role in investor relations allows me to continue to travel and build connections with interesting people in different parts of the country and abroad.

Action Shots From One of My Improv Shows

My father and brother are both musicians, so music was a constant in my house.

My creative outlet came in the form of acting in plays and later improv groups in New York City which helped me think on my feet and adapt to new situations.

I made my husband come to my improv show on our second date. When he brought flowers and laughed at my embarrassing skits, I knew he was a keeper.

Connecting people has always been a passion of mine. It’s a great way to build bridges across different parts of your life and bring together the people you care about.

In college I studied economics. I’ve always had an interest in social sciences, markets and the impacts of human behavior.

I’m intrigued by the intersection of technology innovation and business building with the global economy and the complex markets that we operate in. On an individual level, I enjoy getting to know the “why” behind a person’s motivations and helping people navigate around problems.

Understanding our founders, their inner motivation and the vision that drives them is something that really inspires me to do my best work.

In my investor relations role, I love working with our limited partners (LPs) to understand their individual goals and how we can be better partners.

Catching Some Fresh Air in Cape Town

I spent six months living in South Africa and fell in love with the way life is oriented around the outdoors. The landscape is breathtaking, and I love the interplay of the mountains and oceans. My experience in South Africa would later inspire my move from New York City to San Francisco in pursuit of an active outdoor lifestyle.

In CRV I found a firm that has harnessed its core strengths over decades while maintaining an incredible culture.

I spent the first half of my career in New York City at Morgan Stanley and then at Lazard working primarily with hedge fund managers. In 2016, I moved to San Francisco and immediately felt the pull into the technology ecosystem. I joined a venture firm called Glynn Capital to lead their partner relations and afterwards joined B Capital Group, a multistage global investment firm, where I was the head of fundraising and investor relations in North America and Europe.

I was drawn to CRV’s 50 plus year long commitment to honing their craft. They are software investors who are not afraid to back founders at the earliest stage. It’s all they do. I knew CRV’s flat and equal partnership model was unique and that it would allow them to continue to evolve and empower the next generation of investors.

The proof was in CRV’s track record, having backed an incredible roster of game changing companies like Airtable, DoorDash and Vercel.

CRV’s flat and equal partnership is a forcing function. There is no singular leader imposing their biases on the group. This enables our investors to make conviction-driven decisions based on what they believe is best for the firm.

Probably the most important draw for me was CRV’s long history of always treating its LPs with dignity and respect.

It’s incredibly rare to find a venture firm that has upheld the kind of reputation CRV has with its LPs. CRV has consistently gone against industry norms to make the right decisions on behalf of the firm’s LPs.

What I enjoy most about my job here at CRV is telling the stories of incredible tech founders to investors and that we get to build relationships with them over many years.

We’re fortunate as a firm in that we have a very stable capital base that shares our values which allows us to invest in, and to nurture, incredible companies. I believe that in order to foster a good general partner/limited partner partnership that trust, communication and shared values are paramount.

It’s a decade plus long commitment. When there are changes, we owe it to our partners to be transparent. Our LPs deserve to know that we’ll do what we say we’re going to do.

I Spend Lots of Time on the Playground

Outside of work, my family and I enjoy gathering with friends and spending plenty of time outdoors. I have two children under the age of two, so our weekends are filled with lots of diaper changes and playground excursions.

Giving back and helping the next generation succeed is incredibly important to me.

For the past three years, I have been on the board of a non-profit called Women’s Audio Mission (WAM) which inspires more than 4,000 women and girls per year to use technology to amplify their voices by creating music and media.