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Power to the Perseverant

I can’t quite trace the rationale for having a chip on my shoulder, but it’s there.

And I sure as hell can recognize it in others: It manifests itself in a determined kind of tunnel vision. It’s visible in how people articulate their story and beliefs. And it shows up in how they prioritize their time and how they seek validation.

That invisible force — that “it” — is what tells me someone is solving a problem because they want to, versus those who are doing it because they need to.

Image of Caitlin Bolnick Rellas on a 4 wheeler.
I learned to drive before I was ten by speeding around on four-wheelers over the mountains and through the streams.

I grew up with contradictions — a Jewish girl in small-town-Texas and Montana, a healthy dose of social rebellion in my formative years that was fortunately rescued by my love of learning and a career that values originality over establishment.

My passion and that chip on my shoulder have led me to meet incredible people and hopefully play a small part in helping them along on their own journey.

Image of Andrew Morris of GreyNoise Company.
CRV partnered with Andrew Morris by leading his seed in August 2019.

With Andrew, the deep cybersecurity domain expertise was obvious. Even more apparent was his passion about a problem he had felt, day in and day out. But the reason I had to be a part of his journey was his need to build something far greater than himself.

It sounds simple but it’s really rare in one person and one company: domain expertise, inherent passion for the problem, and a singularity of focus that provides the backbone for perseverance.

Security teams live in a world of alert overload and fatigue. GreyNoise empowers analysts by filtering out the alerts that don’t matter, so they can spend more time focusing on the ones that do.

Growing up in Montana, you learn to love doing any and all things outside in the wild.

From four-wheeling and fly-fishing in the summer to skiing and snowmobiling in the winter, there’s nothing like the great outdoors to put everything in perspective.

I’m the worst at taking pictures but the best at picking dogs. I have a 4-lb grouchy Yorkie named “Boo” and a 45-lb Australian Shepherd named “Roka.”
Horses were a big part of my life. I started riding when I was seven — I'd do almost anything on a horse, from trail riding to barrel races.