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Power to the Person

Feeling is first. I invest early in startups that tap into not-yet-obvious-but-soon-to-be-massive changes in consumer behavior — especially those that create and deliver experiences, rather than just things.

Technology can help people live better lives and support the American dream.

DoorDash founder and CEO Tony Xu on a delivery run.

We’ve been partners with Tony Xu, DoorDash founder and CEO, since the company’s seed round in 2013. Tony was inspired by his mom — an immigrant who worked as a restaurant manager.

You might know DoorDash as the magic button that helps you put dinner on the table, no matter how busy and exhausted you are.

The founding team of DoorDash.

DoorDash is driven by a broader mission to empower local economies, communities and small business owners.

That purpose led the team to do things like deliver food to kids and the elderly, and reduce restaurant commissions when restaurants were struggling during the pandemic.

I appreciate the grind and mindset of being an entrepreneur, putting in the work every day for years on end to fulfill your mission.

My wife and I are both entrepreneurs. She created a chain of small businesses, which she ran for eleven years, 365 days a year. I helped start a company called Brightroll, a video advertising business, out of my apartment in San Francisco.

Technology can create and foster human connection.

Patreon Founders Sam Yam and Jack Conte

CRV invested in Patreon in 2013 in the seed round on the belief that creators should be able to have direct access to their fans.

Patreon gives creators the power to connect with their fans and communities in an authentic way.

It also gives them the power to make a living making what they love.

Creators on Patreon have earned more than $1 billion.

Technology can give you superpowers.

Ring lets you “teleport,” so you’re always home — or at least you can act like it.

CRV was a seed investor in Ring, maker of video doorbells, security cameras and alarm systems.

Mercury makes it easier for entrepreneurs to focus on making something from nothing.

Running a startup requires you to keep a sharp eye on your finances and cash inflows/outflows. Yet most interactions with existing banks are a huge source of frustration, and existing banks make many operational tasks painful and time consuming.

Immad reimagined the start up banking process from the ground up. With Mercury’s software-driven approach, the company has built a product that customers love.

CRV invested in Mercury’s Series A round in 2019.

I’ve been lucky to know some of the best founders in the world. I know most startups fail, but I’m constantly reminded that, despite all the hardships and challenges, it’s possible for a small group of people to change the world.
A bit of founder and investor bonding at Kelly Slater Surf Ranch.

Some of my happiest days are when I can combine two of my favorite things: being active and hanging out with friends, family and founders.

Catching some rays on a backpacking trip in Yosemite with founders.
Feeling both spent and exhilarated at the top of Kilimanjaro with my brother.
In Baldface, British Columbia.
A bunch of techies letting loose on the mountain.