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Power to the Makers

I’ve always been a maker.

When I was young, I always asked for crafts for my birthday — from building with legos to sculpting with clay, I wanted to make things. Today, I love working in tech because I get to help create something from nothing, and that’s magic.

Entrepreneurs are the makers who inspire me most.

Not only do entrepreneurs see the world as it is, they see the world as it can be, and they see how to change it.

With other Driver Operations co-workers at Uber.

I joined Uber because I was drawn to Travis’ vision of a world where transportation was as reliable as running water.

At Uber, I saw how technology could take something as broken as the taxi industry and create a fundamentally better, more accessible user experience.

Working in driver operations, I loved the idea that I was helping to bring that world one step closer to reality, and giving millions of drivers greater flexibility in the process.

The makers who inspire me most are the ones who create their own opportunities.

The new career is flexible, adaptable, and worker-centric.

Technology is giving people the means to create inside and outside of traditional employment, helping them forge new paths, pursue their passions and work wherever, whenever and however they want.

Talent is equally distributed, but opportunity isn’t — yet. Technology is ushering in a wave of new opportunities that are more accessible than ever before, especially for makers who have been overlooked or underestimated.

Image of large group of people from Dorm Room Fund.
I began my career in venture betting on student founders as a pre-seed investor with Dorm Room Fund, a national, student-run venture fund backed by First Round Capital, where I led investments in four pre-seed companies.

At Crosscut Ventures, I co-created the first free job board focused solely on LA startups, Interchange. With the support of great partners like PledgeLA, Interchange will help make roles at LA-based startups more accessible to diverse candidates.

Image of online video meeting of The Table group including several people.
I’ve begun building a community for women in enterprise called The Table with my friend Justine Humenansky of Playground Global.

According to MIT, male entrepreneurs are six times more likely to start enterprise businesses than female entrepreneurs. We started The Table to amplify the voices of women in enterprise and create a community where female founders, investors, and operators can learn from one another.