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Power to the Connectors

Attention to detail.

That’s my motivation. What does the client, the friend, the colleague, the founder, the business partner need? Everyone is motivated by something different. I know that if I can really understand them — what makes them happy, what drives them — I can give them the best experience possible.

In my family, that was paramount.

In My Happy Place - Surrounded by my mom, my sisters and great food.

We’re Persian, so we take it to another level. It’s part of the culture. The holidays are my favorite — especially Norooz, our New Year. Growing up, our house was always full of people. My parents invited everyone and I would help host. They taught me that you need to make your guest feel as comfortable and welcomed as possible.

The human connection is critical.

Before joining CRV, I worked for an organization called Guidepoint, which paired industry experts with clients who needed to understand a business, technology or industry — fast. I took pride in growing the business in multiple ways, including business development, meticulously vetting experts, leading my team and exceeding the needs of the client. I arrived as an associate and left as SVP of client services.

In client services, you’re not representing a product — you are the product.

At CRV I’m building an active community of influential business leaders.

These relationships can take multiple forms. We’ll facilitate introductions for CRV companies to advisors and potential customers and support their ongoing business development efforts. At the same time, we’ll partner with business leaders to understand their challenges and priorities.

At a high level, my job is making meaningful connections for our companies.

Breaking bread with my family in Tunisia.

Travel and a sense of community has always been important to me.

It’s not about checking things off a list, but connecting with people and getting to know the culture — and, of course, the food.

It’s the best way to bring people together.

Hanging out with my family in Cartagena.
Getting acquainted with dinner in Chile.