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Power to the Mindful

Moments matter. I come from a long line of photographers beginning with my

Snapshots - A Page From Poppy’s Scrapbook

great-great-grandfather. My father is a photographer and my grandfather, affectionately known as “Poppy,” was an avid scrapbooker. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that I, too, have a profound appreciation for preserving moments. I have over 189,000 photos on my phone and enjoy chronicling simple occasions with friends and the beauty of chasing sunlight in nature. Capturing these fleeting moments requires patience, chemistry and a little bit of magic. 

Relationships are everything to me.

I’ve always been close with my family. Growing up, I had two built-in best friends, my sisters Charlotte and Field. I consider it a privilege to have been raised by three unbelievable parents, each of whom are extremely mindful in their own way. My father is one of the most empathetic individuals I’ve ever known. He exhibits an extraordinary awareness of others’ time and emotions and offers unwavering support in any situation. My mother practices both physical and mental mindfulness in her daily life. She is a yogi at heart and in high school, she had me and my sister get certified in transcendental meditation, a gift I continue to turn to. As for David, my stepfather, he instilled in me from a young age the importance of relationships and putting others before yourself. His selfless and thoughtful nature made everyone feel prioritized, and I continue to incorporate the invaluable lessons he taught me into my own relationships today.

David and Me at UVA’s Parents’ Formal
Three Peas in a Pod - Me (Left) and My Sisters - Field (Center) and Charlotte (Right)

As a kid, I had a fierce sense of independence. For as long as I can remember, I dreamt of going to boarding school. Despite my unsuccessful attempts to convince my mother of my readiness for this adventure back in eighth grade, I was lucky enough to receive an acceptance letter to Westminster School in ninth grade. Located in Simsbury, Connecticut, Westminster taught me how to build strong relationships at a young age and how vital friends are as a support system. Maybe it was the nightly sleepovers we had or suffering through Saturday classes together, but the relationships I made that first week of school have evolved into people I now call family. 

Friends on “the Hill” at Westminster
UVA Graduation Day

The fierce school spirit and rigorous academic environment are part of what led me to attain my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia (UVA). UVA was also my stepfather’s alma mater. Whether it was my cap and gown moment at graduation, the nostalgic walks past David’s Kappa Sigma fraternity or the exhilarating experience of witnessing the Cavaliers win the NCAA Division I men’s basketball championship, my time in Charlottesville, Virginia, was filled with unforgettable memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Following graduation, I embarked on my professional journey in New York City and began my career at Morgan Stanley. From there I joined Grafine Partners where I held both investor relations and investment roles. I never envisioned myself leaving the East Coast until the moment my family made the decision to celebrate our first Thanksgiving away from home in San Francisco. Within hours of landing, I immediately felt a strange sense of belonging in this West Coast city.

Maybe it was the stunning view of the Golden Gate Bridge that greeted me upon arrival, or the thrilling prospect of capturing another 5,000 photos in this new environment. Or perhaps it was meant to be when I stumbled upon a “Wells” welcome mat on my second day in the city. 

When I began my career search, investor relations immediately piqued my interest due to its profound emphasis on relationships. The lessons I value deeply are aligned with the investor relations team here at CRV. It’s important to me that we continue to deepen our relationships with our Limited Partners that have trusted us with their capital over decades. 

Meeting the team at CRV just further cemented my relationship with Silicon Valley. It’s a team that’s just as diverse as it is strong. 

When I’m not at work you’ll find me exploring all SF has to offer (and taking pictures of course), taste testing chocolate chip cookies (my fav) or de-stressing with a vinyasa yoga mat or pilates session.

I’ve never turned down a cookie.
The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie is Batter Than Anything Else

For the record, dry cookies are a no-go in my book. The elements of the perfect confection involve crispy outer edges paired with a slightly undercooked middle …and you have to get the chip to dough ratio right. Let’s just say I can probably give my co-worker, and fellow baking aficionado, Matan Lamdan’s matcha cheesecake a run for its money in the next CRV bakeoff.