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Power to the Change Maker

I wasn’t supposed to be here.

A close friend of mine was interviewing for my current position. It was Fall 2018 and I was working as an equity research analyst at a big bank, but actively looking to make a change. My friend didn’t want to relocate to California for the role, so she suggested I go for it instead. Investor relations wasn’t on my radar, but it felt like a great way to make an impact. I may not have been looking for it, but I was ready.

Either change happens to you, or you happen to it.

This is me as a banker. Moving to CRV was a significant cultural shift toward a family-like dynamic of individual empowerment mixed with trust and teamwork.

At the bank, there were literally binders full of rules for everything.

If it wasn’t in the binder, you weren’t doing it.

When things are so bureaucratic, it’s hard to make change — so what if you’re stuck at the office until 1:00 am doing some antiquated manual process when a tool exists that could make it go faster.

In my first interview at CRV, they told me they were looking for someone who would come in and break things.

They told me to look for ways to make things more efficient.

I leapt at the chance to support the companies that are modernizing businesses all over the world through technology.

Taking risks is a lot easier when you have a strong foundation.

I’ve always been really close with my family. That’s saying a lot, as I’ve got more than 30 cousins. Counting spouses and kids, I’ve easily got 100 relatives.

A small sample size of the Burch family. This is Thanksgiving in 2015. Not shown: There are 30 additional people in the other room.

I’m very relationship-driven. In my family, we’d do anything for each other. I take that into my work, as well. The first time I met the team at CRV, I knew it was the right place for me.

My West coast family: CRV off site in 2019.

I handle investor relations, which requires understanding all the firm’s investors and what drives them. Many of our limited partner relationships go back decades, and maintaining trust is paramount.

A strong connection with our investors allows us to take more risks and invest in companies that are reinventing their industries and changing the way the world lives and works.

I love that my work helps make it possible for entrepreneurs to build the future.

My favorite thing about running is that it’s such a reflective experience: You’ve got nothing to do except think. So far I’ve done eight half marathons. I’m just getting started.
My family never misses an opportunity to make each other laugh.